Guava Leaves for Unstoppable, Healthy Hair Growth

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If you’ve been looking for a natural solution to pesky hair loss, look no further! It’s time to stop the use of hair loss products loaded with chemicals that may cause more harm to your health. Guava leaves boast a wide array of health benefits, and are now being used to treat hair loss. They contain high levels of potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, lycopene, and high amounts of fiber too!

Here are the things you need to make your very own guava leaves hair loss remedy:

Boil a handful of guava leaves in one liter of water for 20 minutes. This will allow all the nutrients from the guava leaves to be transferred to water. Make sure to let the solution cool down before applying it to your hair and scalp. Simply massage the hair tonic directly on your scalp region. Keep the potion on our hair for a few hours. Occasionally massage the solution to your hair. If possible, let the hair tonic sit overnight. Rinse your hair first thing in the morning. The B vitamins that are found in guava leaves reinforce and strengthen the hair follicles resulting in less hair fall. The nutrients that are present in guava leaves also nourishes the hair follicles, thus stimulating hair growth.

Other health benefits and applications of guava leaves are as follows:

  • Tea made from boiling guava leaves is an excellent appetite suppressant. You can successfully lose extra weight by including this in your daily diet.
  • If you want to solve indigestion and other common stomach problems fast, drink guava leaves tea.
  • Healing wounds and cuts will be so much faster if your rinse them in guava leaves-infused water.
  • For those suffering from stomach problems such as in the case of dysentery and diarrhea, guava leaves tea’s antimicrobial properties will alleviate the symptoms fast.
  • For itching caused by allergies, simply apply crushed guava leaves onto the affected area for instant relief.

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The Most Common Uses of Rosemary Essential Oil

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Rosemary essential oil has been used for hundreds of years in treating common ailments and as an important beauty tool as well. Unlike other essential oils, rosemary essential oil seems to be more favored by wellness experts due to its holistic health benefits. Its versatility combined with its natural potency makes rosemary essential oil a must-have in your home.

  • Anxiety Relief

Anxiety not only affects the emotional and mental state, but our physical functioning too. The use of rosemary essential oil delivers relief among people who occasionally suffer from bouts of anxiety or stress. The anxiety relief benefits of rosemary oils can be stemmed from its direct action of reducing cortisol hormones. The increase in cortisol means an increase in oxidative stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and weight gain—all of which are bad effects of chronic stress and anxiety.

  • Mental Clarity

The distinctive woody fragrance of rosemary essential oil brings clarity during times of confusion. It reduces stress and anxiety when applied directly onto the skin. You may also use rosemary oil with a diffuser to further enhance its soothing effect.

  • Cognition and Memory

Apart from the soothing and calming effects of rosemary essential oil during times of stress, inhaling it will enhance memory and learning too. Based on numerous studies, breathing in the aroma from burning rosemary essential oil will deliver an increase in performance in terms of memory and learning among adults. It also enhances memory retention and alertness too.

  • Improve Circulation

Using rosemary essential oil is one of the fastest and quickest way to enhance circulation. If you are suffering from muscle cramps and muscle soreness, massaging a rosemary oil will further improve skin clarity and circulation altogether.

  • Treat Digestive Issues

When used externally, rosemary essential oil will help in getting rid of symptoms related to indigestion. Other digestive issues that are addressed with the use of rosemary oil are flatulence, stomach cramps, bloating, and constipation.

  • Get Rid of Dandruff Fast

Rosemary essential oil features anti-fungal properties that stimulate hair growth and development. It’s a gentle all-natural remedy that cures dandruff. Simply massage rosemary essential oil directly into the scalp. Do this everyday until you see positive results.

  • Hair Growth Stimulation

If you are suffering from falling hair or if your hair grows at a slow rate, you may also use rosemary essential oil as part of your hair care regimen.

5 Treatments For Cellulite That May Not Work

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There are many cellulite treatments that don’t work. You can find out more about them here (or from That way, you can avoid trying things that are not going to benefit you at all.

1. Some people write eBooks that say something about helping you to lose cellulite. However, it just might be there for making money instead of helping people, so read reviews of anything like this to see if it helped others before giving it a shot yourself.

2. There are creams that may not work right. This is especially a problem if you’re using something that contains a lot of chemicals and unnatural ingredients. Figure out where to get a good natural cream if you want to go this route.

3. If you are told a massage or something of that nature can help, chances are they’re blowing hot air. It’s possible to relax skin this way, but not reverse the effects of cellulite!

4. Clothing of some kinds may say it can mask it, but if you don’t know what it looks like on you, it may not work.

5. Finally, you should avoid anything like a sponge eraser. While they can help get chemicals onto your skin that can help, people charge tons of money for these “erasers” when you can make one at home for far less.

3 Surprising Signs That You’re Sleep Deprived Now

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When we age, parts of our body start to sag, we put on a little weight, and our lifestyle changes. I recently celebrated my fiftieth birthday, and lately have been feeling really tired. I put it down to getting on a little, but my wife pointed out that it may be due to sleep deprivation, as she says I sleep a lot less than I used to do. So, I went online and discovered a site that mentioned 3 surprising signs you’re sleep deprived (also found good information about erectile dysfunction treatment). Having read them, I now know that the site describes me perfectly.

I tend to go to bed and spend time on my tablet. Well, I say time, it can actually run into a few hours. Sometimes I do not put the tablet down until about 3am. I do watch television as well, and if a good movie is on, I will watch it, regardless of the time it finishes. I also tend to get up at least twice during the night to visit the bathroom. These three signs show that I am not getting enough sleep. I need to switch off all electronics before 1am, and not drink after 9pm each night.

Support from the top beauty school

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Unlike home study courses advertised by other companies you will have the comfort of knowing that you have embarked on a beauty course with the full support and backing from one of the most renowned and established beauty schools in the country. You will also be working towards a recognised industry qualification provided by VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) who are the largest awarding body, offering the NVQ qualifications for the beauty industry in this country.

Detailed Step-By-Step Beauty Training DVD’s available

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We also have available for purchase individual DVD’s which cover each aspect of the beauty course. On each DVD there are detailed step by step practical demonstrations> These can be watched as often as required. It’s like having your own beauty school teacher at home with you.