3 Surprising Signs That You’re Sleep Deprived Now

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When we age, parts of our body start to sag, we put on a little weight, and our lifestyle changes. I recently celebrated my fiftieth birthday, and lately have been feeling really tired. I put it down to getting on a little, but my wife pointed out that it may be due to sleep deprivation, as she says I sleep a lot less than I used to do. So, I went online and discovered a site that mentioned 3 surprising signs you’re sleep deprived (also found good information about erectile dysfunction treatment). Having read them, I now know that the site describes me perfectly.

I tend to go to bed and spend time on my tablet. Well, I say time, it can actually run into a few hours. Sometimes I do not put the tablet down until about 3am. I do watch television as well, and if a good movie is on, I will watch it, regardless of the time it finishes. I also tend to get up at least twice during the night to visit the bathroom. These three signs show that I am not getting enough sleep. I need to switch off all electronics before 1am, and not drink after 9pm each night.